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Here’s Why You Should Join Lurn Academy Today…

Lurn Academy is your one-stop resource for everything you need to start & grown an information marketing business.

This is your chance to tap into the massive online education boom and share your existing knowledge & skills with an online course, coaching program or consulting service.

If you’re just starting out (or you want to give your business a check-up), you’ll start with the Lurn Academy Home Study Course, what we call our…

Training on all the key decisions you need to make to launch an information business, all in one place…

Publishing Models 101

What’s the right business model for you – courses, coaching or consulting? We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each and help point you in the right direction.

Included with Membership

Million Dollar Funnels

Everything you need to know to launch your first funnel in one place. From funnel basics, to what data to track, to the top 5 funnels you’ll use to grow & scale your business.

Included with Membership

Picking the Right Niche

This might be the most important decision you’ll make. Get it wrong – and you’ll waste time and money. We’ll show you how to research the most profitable niches & pick the right one for you.

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Creating Killer Offers

A lot of businesses create average offers. At Lurn, we show you how to create killer offers your prospects can’t resist. You’ll unlock what an offer needs & how to structure it to make it irresistible.

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Course Creation Models

Discover the 4 core types of courses and how to create them in record time. We’ll even show you how to create courses & content if you don’t want to be the face of your business or be on camera.

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Conversion Models

Traditional direct marketing is dead. Unlock the top strategies working now, including Anik’s 5-step copywriting formula, high converting emails, powerful sales letters & Lurn’s multi-million-dollar webinar model.

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Email Marketing For Publishers

Contrary to popular belief, email is NOT dead. In fact, it’s as powerful as ever. But you need to understand what types of emails are working now & how to write emails your audience will actually want to open, read and click.

Included with Membership

Building Tribal Audiences

If you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t waste money on paid traffic. Here, you’ll unlock 4 of the most popular platforms online and use them to grow an audience that knows, likes & trusts you. We’ll cover TikTok, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

Included with Membership

How To Get Traffic

When you’re ready to take the next step from audience building to traffic generation, we’ll help you take a deeper dive. You’ll unlock the full potential of Facebook Groups, YouTube and Solo Email Ads to grow your audience even faster.

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Creating Backend Profits: Sales Team

Super ticket programs are the key to scaling an information business to 7 figures and beyond. Learn how to build a top notch sales team and sales system that helps convert leads to buyers.

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Creating Backend Profits: Coaching

Whether you’re starting out as a coach or creating a coaching program behind your course, start here. The Lurn Academy team will show you how we built multiple 7-figure coaching programs where student success was job #1.

Included with Membership

Creating Backend Profits: Consulting

Consulting services can include everything from one-on-one consulting days to done-with-you and done-for-you services for clients. Discover how to find & close clients, how to structure deals, what to charge & much more.

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Introducing The Lurn Academy Expert Marketing Library…
So You NEVER Need To Buy Another Course

Our goal with Lurn Academy is to make it the true one-stop location for everything you need to build and grow an information marketing business.

And that means we don’t wnat to draw you in with one course, only to try to sell you another.

Because we know after you create your Facebook Group, eventually you’re going to want to run Facebook Ads. Then YouTube Ads. And then double-down on email marketing.

That’s why we’re putting it all in one place – and you get access to everything inside Lurn Academy at no additional cost.

Here’s what we have for you to get started…

Niche Launcher

Still not sure what your niche should be. Our Experts have done the research for you and identified 32 Golden Niches to get started in right now. You’ll also get 10 epic offers you can copy or model from to help launch or business FAST!

Included with Membership

Short Video Social Madness

From TikTok to YouTube Shorts to Facebook Reels… short video is what’s hot & converting right now. Discover the keys to creating interesting videos that can go viral – growing your audience & your sales.

Included with Membership

Economics, Recessions & Publishing Cycles

The past few years have been a huge boom for online information sales. Discover why economic slowdowns aren’t to be feared, but embraced. Some of the biggest businesses in the world were built during recessions.

Included with Membership

Facebook Ads Mastery

When you’re ready for Facebook ads, learn how to run them profitably from the man who spent $1M per month with Lurn. From account setup, to ad creative to data & tracking, you’ll get a masterclass on running profitable Facebook ads.

Included with Membership

YouTube Ads Mastery

Google & YouTube account for more online searches than anything else on line. Unlock the potential of YouTube ads with Lurn’s Director of Traffic & Monetization. Even if you never want to be on camera, we’ll show you how to make YouTube ads work.

Included with Membership

Emails That Sell

Your email list is the most powerful assets in your business. You own it and you can never be banned or shutdown. Find out how to put the right message in front of your audience at the right time – all while being consistent with your message & your mission.

Included with Membership

Copywriting Academy

Copy is king. It’s an old marketing adage that’s as true today as every. But it’s also not as hard as some people make it out to be. Discover Anik’s powerful 5-step copywriting formula and how to write everything from ads and emails to sales letters and 7-figure webinars.

Included with Membership

List Academy

Whether you’re starting with Facebook Groups, YouTube, TikTok or something else, you’ll want to funnel everyone to your email list. Here’s everything you need to know about building an email list from scratch, nurturing it, building rapport, and converting leads to buyers.

Included with Membership

Unlimited Access To Every Course We Add!

With Lurn Academy’s Expert Marketing Library, our goal is for you to never buy another course. We’ll be asking our members in the future what else to add… and you’ll get access to all new courses at NO additional cost.

Included with Membership

Join & Connect With A Global
Community Of Information Marketing Experts

Lurn Academy isn’t just about giving you access to courses… we’re also building what we believe is the top community & coaching network in the industry.

We’ve already got members from 24 different countries & it’s growing every day.

Inside Lurn Academy we’re giving you 3 different ways to connect with other members and our own Lurn Experts in meaningful ways to you and your business…

Lurn Groups: With Lurn Groups, we’re giving you pre-built locations to connect with peers with common interests, similar businesses and within the same niche.

Whether you’re in the Wealth, Health, Relationship or Hobbies niche…

Or you’re a Course Creator, Coach or Consultant…
We’ve made it easy for you to connect with each other… get advice & support… build partnerships… and brainstorm together.

Lurn Forums: Want to talk copy or funnels… or maybe you want to see what’s working now for building your audience with free traffic or scaling it with paid ads.

With Lurn Forums we’re giving you dedicated rooms led by our own Lurn Experts & Coaches to answer your questions, give feedback and share valuable resources.

Lurn Connect: Entrepreneurship can be a lonely adventure. One of our big goals with Lurn Academy is to make sure you’re never alone on your journey.

Whether you’re in Lurn Groups, Forums or seeing who’s atop the leaderboard, just click on any Lurn Academy member or a member of the Lurn team (even Anik Singal himself!) and send a connection request.

When you connect with people in your niche or running the same type of business as you, you create OPPORTUNITIES

And it’s ALL possible INSIDE Lurn Academy

No need to go to a Facebook Group… or Discord… or one place for courses, another for community and another for coaching calls.

When you join Lurn Academy today, you get access to everything in one platform.

Here’s Everything You Get When You
Join Lurn Academy Today…

Home Study Course:

  • Essential courses to start & grow your online information business
  • Short, easy-to-consume training videos
  • Pick your niche, choose the right business model, create your first offer, build your audience - all in one place

Expert Connect Community:

  • Network and brainstorm with others in your niche or business type inside Lurn Academy Groups…
  • Ask questions and get advice from the experts in our Lurn Academy Forums…
  • Connect with your fellow students and Lurn’s experts with our new Lurn Academy Connect…

Expert Marketing Library:

  • Our goal is to give you access to training on ANY topic you need to build your information business…
  • Discover our top automation tools & software…
  • Business mindset & strategy
  • Premium courses INCLUDED on copywriting, list building, email marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Google & more!
  • NEVER buy another course again!

Daily Group Coaching Clinics:

  • 5 days a week, across multiple time zones…
  • Trained coaches in information marketing and other topics…
  • Bonus trainings from Lurn’s experts…
  • Jump in any time you want, as often as you want!

Expert VIP Concierge Desk:

  • You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…
  • Global support team to give you 24/7 VIP support, when you need it most...

Bonus #1 - Weekend Offer Creation Workshop:

Whatever you do, do NOT take 60, 90 or 180 days creating your first offer. It’s a huge mistake. Instead, you’ll discover how Anik has created multiple offers in just a single weekend - from books to courses to virtual summits.

Bonus #2 - 14-Day Facebook Group Builder:

With our 14-Day Facebook Group Builder, you’ll get a complete Workshop devoted to giving you a step-by-step blueprint to get your first 300 or more leads using Facebook Groups . You’ll also get Anik’s top Viral Post Templates & join us for an exclusive interview with a premier Facebook Groups coach.

Bonus #3 - Top 10 “Done With You” Funnels:

We’re giving you 10 of our top performing funnels, completely laid out and ready for you to simply import, edit and launch into your business. Covering low-ticket, mid-ticket, high-ticket and super-ticket offers, you’ll have funnels to plug into any part of your business.

Bonus #4 - 3 "1-on-1" Execution Calls:

  • 3 personalized coaching calls to help you set and achieve your goals…
  • You’ll meet with your coach in your first 10 days, 45 days in and 90 days in…
  • The #1 goal of these calls is to help you stay on track and make progress towards your successful business
  • We have NEVER offered coaching calls and accountability like this before.

Join Lurn Academy As An Angel Member Today & Full Access With Your First Payment Of $397

In Addition, You’ll Get FIVE More Bonuses To Help You Build Your Course, Coaching Or Consulting Business…

Decision Bonus #5 - Lurn Private Blackbook:

  • Your go-to source for pre-screened software, consultants, and freelancers to help you outsource your business growth!
  • Copywriters, graphic designers, virtual assistants, video editors, social media managers, content creators — our team has found some of the best so you don’t have to...

Decision Bonus #6 - 112 Royalty-Free Business Ideas:

  • You’ve already got the proven formula to find a perfect, unique business idea for YOU…
  • Big 4 Niches + Your Strengths + Your U-Factor!
  • Our team has dug into each of the Big 4 Niches to create 112 different business ideas…
  • Take one and run with it or use them for inspiration!

Decision Bonus #7 - Cross-Promotion Room:

  • Take advantage of the global network we’re building inside Lurn Academy when you’re ready to grow & scale your business…
  • Find Joint Venture partners, affiliates, and more to help scale your business with other people’s audiences!

Decision Bonus #8 - Course Hacking Club:

  • Monthly Course Hacking Workshop where we’ll break down promotions and offers running across the Big 4 Niches…
  • Dedicated Course Hacking Club Group inside Lurn Academy to share and discuss what you see running out in the wild!

Decision Bonus #9 - Accountability Partners:

Make new friends, be accountable to each other, and give your chance the best chance at success.

We’ve built out an exclusive group solely to help you find Accountability Partners - fellow experts and entrepreneurs you can share the journey and success with.

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